Our Three Year Anniversary

Today is our three year wedding anniversary!  I had so much fun on our wedding day.  Best party I ever threw!  I wish we could get married again each year…but without paying for it again!  Oh to party like that again would be wonderful!  Did I ever tell you that I did a rope swing at my reception?  Like in my dress and everything?  Well, I did!  Here is proof!  That is my sister next to me!

That lady thought I was on drugs! "You're gonna swing in that dress???"

We had our reception in Architecture Hall at The City Museum in St. Louis.  If you ever get to St. Louis you HAVE to go there.  One of the coolest places on earth!  They have a 7 story slide which I am sure every member of my wedding party went down!  They also have a 2 story one and my Great Aunt even went down that one!

I’ll give you a photo recap of our wedding day and how we spent our first and second anniversary, in case you were curious!

2008:  Wedding Day!  We lived in MN but got married in my hometown of St. Louis, MO.  We had some of our wedding pictures taken in the new Busch Stadium and also with my good friend, the Arch!

2009:  I surprised Freddy by renting a Harley (We used to own one but sold it shortly after Michael was born).  We took the bike on a trip to Red Wing, MN which is where we got engaged.  We ate at the same restaurant to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

2010:  Freddy took me on a weekend trip to Duluth, MN.  We walked along lake Superior, went bar hopping, took naps (ahhh sleep! Ryan was just 2 months old!) and got all dressed up and had a wonderful dinner at the hotel’s spinning restaurant!

And now we are celebrating our Third Anniversary!  I bet he is starting to wonder what he was thinking asking me to marry him!!!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

And That’s What Che Said…

Teddy Bear Picnic Birthday Party

Happy First Birthday to my sweet baby boy!  

For Ryan’s First Birthday I decided to go with a “Teddy Bear Picnic” theme.  We decided to have his party in St. Louis at my parents house on  his actual first birthday.  It worked out really nicely because my whole family still lives in St. Louis.  Here’s a recap of his party.

Here is the birthday boy himself decked out in his First Birthday Onesie I made for him.    He is just as adorable on day 365 as he was on day 1!  

Everyone was asked to bring along their favorite teddy bear for our picnic.  The kiddie guests were able to decorate a party hat for their bear.  I originally was thinking of party hats for the kids themselves but since neither of my children would keep it on for longer than 1 minute I opted for hats for the bears!  Jazz them up a bit and make them birthday bears versus every day teddy bears!  I made the hats ahead of time and let the kids decorate with stickers!


Let’s talk decorations!  We used gingham/checkered picnic table cloths that my mom found at the dollar store for all the table cloths.  I made a “Ryan is One” banner that we hung from the fireplace above all his presents.  I chose the tree pattern craft paper because it was woodsy and just plain cute!

 I added a Month by Month decoration of pictures of Ryan at each of his month milestones.  I made giant tissue paper pom poms that we hung above the island counter where we had all the food.

Speaking of food:  We had picnic themed food.   Sub sandwiches, my apple cole slaw, pasta salad, watermelon and of course…ants on a log!  For the kids attending the party I made each of them their own picnic pail. 

They had a teddy bear shaped PBJ sandwich, all natural applesauce, a capri sun and a butterfly treat filled with chocolate Teddy Grahams and gold fish!   For Ryan and Goober I filled their butterfly with Peach Yogurt Melts and Puffs!  The little ones also had a grilled cheese in place of the PBJ sandwich.  I also stuffed each pail with a pinwheel I had made. 


I also found a cute teddy bear silicone mold which my mom and sister painstakingly filled, froze and cracked to make teddy bear ice cubes for the lemonade and iced tea!  There were only 11 bears on the mold so they made 11 ice cubes at a time!  Talk about love for Ryan!  I planned on doing this myself but since we moved the party from our house to my parents I certainly could not travel 5 hours with ice cubes! 

For cake treats, I made ice cream cone cupcakes!  Ryan of course had his smash cake!  To spice up Ryan’s high chair, I sewed together 2 checkered napkins I found at a thrift store to form a slip cover of sorts to fit over his high chair so it looked like he was on a picnic blanket! 

For favors I made cookie pops and filled small bags with gummy bears.  I placed these in a basket on a small table by the front door.   I used a picture frame filled with some of the checkered craft paper I had as a dry erase board and wrote “Thanks ‘Beary’ Much for ‘Popping’ By My Picnic!  Love, Ryan”  Guests could take the gummy bears and cookie pops on their way out.    As an added treat for the kiddos, I made a CD of Birthday/Picnic/Teddy Bear songs and made a copy for each child to take!

I think his party was fantastic!  It was “beary” nice if you ask me 🙂  Here’s to celebrating a wonderful year with a wonderful, beautiful boy!  Happy Birthday Baby!


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A Dose of Adult

I packed up Michael & Ryan and we headed to St. Louis for the weekend to celebrate my cousin’s graduation from college.  I really, really needed to interact with some adults and it would be nice to see my family so the trip alone with the boys seemed logical in my head.  Leaving Freddy and the dogs to a weekend long vacation of silence and lack of agenda annoyed me just a bit, if I must say. 

The 5 hour drive in traffic, construction and pouring rain was accompanied by approximately 8,973,672 questions by Michael. 

Why do cows poop in the grass?  Why are there different kinds of cars?  Why do the different kinds of cars have different symbols?  Why does Grandma live so far away?  I mean, why does Grandma live a “short-long” drive away?  Why does Uncle B not live at Grandma’s house anymore?  Is there a potty in a barn?  Why did that Ford have a sticker in the window?  When will we be there?  How many more miles are left?  When will this rain stop?…The questions didn’t stop!

Sometimes the questions came right after one another so fast, I didn’t even have a chance to respond.  I love his curiosity and his love to learn but I can assure you that I thought approximately 8,973,672 times “ZIP THE LIPS AND GO TO SLEEP CHILD!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND MY SANITY, PLEASE BE QUIET!”  No dice.    Ryan let me know about 8,973,672 times “GET ME THE EFF OUT OF THIS CARSEAT YOU CRAZY LADY!”  It was a very long drive. 

Another downfall when travelling alone with children…how in the HELL are you supposed to PEE with a 4-year-old and 11 month old by yourself?  I can’t leave the said children alone in the restaurant dining area…there are WACK JOBS out there!  Someone might want to steal my question and poop machines!  OK so take them in the bathroom with me.  Great idea, until you get in there and realize where the HELL am I going to put the Ryan?  Michael can stand by himself.  There is no way I am putting my precious baby on the bathroom floor of a McDonalds….ICK times 8,973,672!  So the only option is after a diaper change, keeping Ryan strapped to the changing table.  Can I tell you how much he LOVED that?  I am sure there was a whole McDonald’s who could attest to the healthiness of the lungs on my child!  I never peed so fast in my life. 

However once in St. Louis, the adult conversations totally made up for the car ride.  Someone actually asking me questions and LISTENING to my response!  Conversations that did not include SpongeBob or Handy Manny!  Two-way conversations that involved words and not just me talking and getting “Uh-huh” back!  Ahhhhh, it was simply beautiful!  My sister Alise, snatches up those boys and allows me to have a moment to myself!  (I chose to pee in peace!)  She is awesome.

And then we got back into the car to come home…rinse and repeat!