We Both Are Learning

Well…today was day 4 of Pre-K.  The morning started out great.  Michael woke up in a great mood, got dressed, ate breakfast, played with some letters and his little brother.  He sang on the way to school and asked me 8 million questions and how to spell a few words, or rather spelled words for me.

I turned left from Main St. onto 10th St. and that is when the devil himself jumped into my 4 year old!  OH. MA. GAWD!

He flipped the eff out!  “I don’t want to go to school!” “I want to go home with you!” “I am not going, never!” “I will go home and take a nap!”

“Michael, you love school!”  Nothing like telling the poor kid how he should feel!  “You get to do letters and play with your friends and…”

Then it turned into blood curdling SCREAMING “I don’t want to go to school!”

I turn into the school parking lot and tell him to hush up and get out we are going to school.  I am a firm believer in teaching kids they need to learn to deal with life. The happy parts and the not so fun parts.   We wake up when our alarms go off, even when we don’t want to.  We go to work, even if we don’t want to.  We clean our rooms and brush our teeth, even if we don’t want to.   Freddy and I really want to instill this lesson to our boys at an early age so that we are not dealing with a 21 year old who should be acting like an adult but instead is jobless and wanting us to support them because they don’t feel like working.  True Story.   But back to my 4 year old…he is screaming and crying.

I have to shut the car door to avoid some of the judgey-judgersons in the parking lot staring in our direction as they prance their little pigtailed princess into school skipping along all happy and good and not screaming…  “Screw you and your snotty looks!’ I think to myself.  “He was happy yesterday!”

I wait several minutes standing outside of my car before I go to the opposite side of the car and retrieve Ryan from the screaming sibling next to him and shut the door again and wait another several minutes.  All the while, I am digging into my brain for something to say to him that will click in his head and get him out of his funk….if you can even call it a funk.

As any good mother does I got down to his level and told him how much I loved him and how we should talk about our feelings and express them in a non-screaming way I threatened to get rid of all the popsicles in the freezer if he didn’t get out of the car!  HAHA!  It worked, out he came, slowly but surely, but still screaming…

I normally do talk with him and it normally works…this was NOT A NORMAL kind of situation.  We were past any stage of normal right now.  I needed divine intervention for this situation.  I needed a Miracle.   I needed MAGIC.

Another 17 minutes later we are at the double doors of the school.  He was taking a step about every 45 seconds.  His teacher saw me and came out and she and I chatted for a few minutes about how he had a great morning and somehow it turned into this and then I just said good-bye to him and left.  I watched her try to talk to him, he refused so she picked him up and took him into school while he was screaming for me.  *SIGH*

I was thankful I was bringing him into a Catholic school because there was bound to be a priest around somewhere who could exorcise this demon from my sweet boy!!!

When I got back into the car I was SWEATING.  Sweating from the exhaustion of reasoning with him and sweating because while all this was taking place I am HOLDING Ryan.  His has the nickname “Chunky Monkey” for a reason!  Arm is still tingling!

I got a phone call from his teacher about 5 minutes later that he did indeed calm down and the teacher’s aide in his class mentioned his friend Jacob and that’s when Michael told her that yesterday they bumped into each other on the playground (which the teacher’s aide saw) and then Michael told his teacher that Jacob hit him (which his teacher’s aide did not see).  The two boys talked and hugged and apparently all was well. His teacher also reminded Michael that he could tell her things like that and that is not considered tattling.

When I walked up to the doors to wait for Michael to be dismissed after school today, I was not sure what to expect.  Out he came and his teacher gave me the “Perfect/A-OK” sign and sent him over to me.  After he hugged me and hugged and kissed his little brother he was talking to some of his friends, his teacher came over and told me he honestly had a perfect day and did great and she hopes it was just a fluke.  She offered many attempts at explanations for me:  Maybe because it was Friday?  He is always tired and crabby by Friday.  It was the first week back to school?  We had travelled 10+ hours each way over Labor Day weekend?  Maybe he was just tired.  Maybe he was just mad at Jacob?  I was thinking to myself  “Maybe he was possessed!?”  We will never know.  But I am thankful for his teacher’s patience and understanding and am super thankful she never gave me that judgey-judgerson look!  She told me I did great by walking away and making him stay.  She teaches him and she teaches me!  After a morning like that I appreciated her nice words to me!  Made me feel better for threatening the popsicles 🙂

I really, really hope we don’t have to do that again on Monday.  Like really, really, really….

Mommapalooza 2011

Yep, that is the name I graced our Mommy’s Only Float Trip that we had this past weekend. Merrsidotes and I kept complaining to one another that we needed something more than a night out.  Something that was just for mommies where we could talk honestly and without criticism (husbands) and after all the belly aching about it, she sent out a group email to some mommies and we settled on a date. Seems so simple, wondering why it took us so long to actually just PICK A DATE!

5 Mommies were in attendance. We had a beautiful day filled with floating, chatting, gossiping, bitching and supporting. Oh and did I mention booze?  Yeah we had a bit of that also! The first Mommapalooza was deemed a success and we all are thinking of more mommies to invite to make it even better next year!!!

5 Mommies, 0 Husbands or Children, 1 river, 1 raft and plenty of booze!

I urge all mommies to call your other mommy friends and PICK A DATE! Best thing I have done for myself in so very long!


I Spy Bingo!

Whenever you have to spend more than 15 minutes in the car, with kids, you know you better come prepared!  If you can remember, I talked about Michael and his 8,973,672 questions he asks in the car.  If he asks you a question, and doesn’t like the answer, he will ask that SAME question, OVER AND OVER again until you give him an answer he is comfortable with.  (It took me a few times to figure this out)  He does not accept “Because that’s just how it works”,  “Because that’s just what happens” or “Because I said so” as acceptable answers.

Michael:  “Mom, why is grass green but dirt is brown?”

Me: “Because that’s how it was made to look”
(few second pause while he thinks about your answer)

(Insert annoying “incorrect buzzer sound”) WRONG!

Michael: “Mom, why is grass green but dirt is brown?”

Me:   “Because they are different things so God made them with different colors so we can tell them apart”
(few second pause while he processes that information)

(Insert annoying “incorrect buzzer sound”) WRONG!

Michael:  “Mom, I know grass is green and dirt is brown so we can tell the difference, but WHY are they different?”

So I answer how any Chemical Engineering mother would answer, “Michael grass and most other plants are green because they contain a pigment known as chlorophyll.  Dirt is brown because there is about three times as much carbon in soil than in plant biomass. “

(much longer pause)

Michael: “But Mom, why is the Dirt Brown”  He says the words “Dirt” and “Brown” S-l-o-w-l-y, if in fact I didn’t understand what he was asking me.

And this is where I calmly and collectively THROW THIS DAMN BINGO CARD INTO THE BACK SEAT AND SAY


Along with the exceptional knack of question asker, Michael can also remember EVERY make of car and furthermore, WHO drives each make.  “Daddy drives a Ford like Grandpa P & Uncle Buddy.  Grandma drives a Chrysler, Nicole drives a Mazda and so on and so on.

I started off making a basic BINGO board in PSE and for the Car Bingo side I added all the different makes of cars.

On the flip side, I made a Road Trip Bingo and added things you would find along the highway.  I added the license plates of the 3 states Michael has lived in  (and recognizes) as well as some construction equipment because let’s face it…there is ALWAYS highway construction going on!

I had my good friends at Office Depot print these cards back to back on a single piece of cardstock and then laminate it on 5 mil laminate.  You can do this all on your own at home if you have the tools.  Me, I am a new SAHM and haven’t acquired all the gadgets yet.  (Feel free to send me a Silhouette if you are in the giving mood 🙂 )

I used some adhesive velcro and wrapped the loop side around a dry erase marker and the hook side to a clip board.  I then used a make-up foundation applicator sponge as an eraser!  I attached that also using adhesive velcro and wah-lah…Bingo in the car!  Combines two great games, “I Spy” and “Bingo”  And finally…silence…until Ryan wakes up that is!


Download your copies of Road Trip and Car Make Bingo below!  I also added a blank copy if you want to make your own!  Just click on the image below!  If you like these downloads, considering following my blog or follow me on facebook!  You just might like something else I ramble about!  Happy downloading!



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Three Beautiful Words

There are three beautiful words that every person loves to hear. They are said in many different contexts along life.

When you are little, they are spoken by your parents or to your parents, grandparents…family.

In high school, you want them to come from your boyfriend or girlfriend. For girls, it’s “OH. MY. GAWD. My boyfriend of 1 month, 2 days, 17 minutes and 36, no 37 seconds just told me he LOVES me!”

In College the words seem a bit more substantial and meaningful. Less about lust and more about love. They could possibly even be spoken by your future wife/husband.

After college, they are spoken by your wife/husband, your best friend, your partner in crime. The one you turn to in every situation as you are a unit now. For better or for worse.

All the while there is the notion also of “Who said it first?”

Then you tell your babies.  You feel it before they can even understand it.  It’s the most intense feeling thus far, at least for me, and you can quite possibly imagine it any better.   It doesn’t even matter if you said it first.

Then it happens.  YOUR BABY SAYS IT BACK. 

“I love you Mommy!” 

It then got even better when I didn’t think it could.  He joyfully came running to me one day to tell me that “I can tell you I love you without even saying a word!!!”  So proud of himself and gleaming at his own creativity. 

He will get my attention across the room and without even saying a thing more, he tells me he loves me. 


He is making the sign for “I”

He’s making a heart with his hands to represent “Love”

He is making the sign for “U”

 BEST. THING. EVER.                           EVER. 

It’s our little thing we do and it’s just perfect because he came up with it all on his own.  Without me doing it first.