Witch Hats

Are you sick of my Halloween posts yet?  I hope not, because this one is super cute and I also have a plan to reuse parts of it for future projects! I love multi-tasking!  Let me show you how to make these happy little witch hats for your Halloween decorations!

To make your own Witches Hats you will need:

  • Styrofoam Cones
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Felt
  • scissors
  • hot glue or other tacky glue
  • sewing chalk pencil

To start I chose two different sizes of cones and I found these handkerchiefs/bandanas at Hobby Lobby for $0.99!  Can’t beat that price and they are the perfect size!


I first positioned the large cone along the hemmed edge of the bandana and then rolled it up to see my pattern.  I used my white sewing pencil to mark out my pattern and then I cut it out.

Next I measured the bottom of the cone and cut a circle that was 2 inches larger on each side out of felt!  (I found this great sparkly glittery felt that I love!!)  I then turned the felt circle over and on the back I traced the outline of my cone.  I then cut a circle that was 1/2 inch SMALLER than that outline.  I then cut out v notches along that circle up to the outline I traced so you are left with a piece like this:

This is the brim on the witches hat.  I then carefully slid the brim down the cone to the bottom so it looks like this.

Next I took the hat piece we cut previously and I used hot glue to glue the hat pice to the notches of the brim.  Why not just glue to the cone you say?  Well I have plans to use these cones again so I am creating a “slip cover” of sorts!  Continue to glue all the way around the cone.

Next run a strip of glue up the seam of the hat and glue the seam all the way to the tip. (top right photo)  I was careful to make sure to keep the already hemmed edge of the bandana on the outside so that it looks like I took the time to sew it.  (below)

Next I tied a ribbon around the bottom to hide the seam and add some color and fun!

For the smaller cone I repeated the steps for the hat and brim but this time I used the black bandana and orange felt.

Once they were assembled I wrapped the cone with some glittery ribbon  and attached it with hot glue.  I had to cut v notches in the ribbon along the back to get it to lay flat.  Then I cut a buckle out of felt in place of the bow and ribbon!

Wah-Lah…really cute witches hats!  There are several steps to this project but it only took me about half an hour to make both while taking pictures and making notes to myself.  So you can easily do this project!

Now it might be time for me to go make myself some witches brew…and work on my next post explaining to you all why my photos aways suck and are so “orange”.  Not in honor of Halloween!!

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Ghost Lights

I am so excited to share this little project with you all!  My string of “Ghost Lights”.  I heart them!

Items Needed:

  • Cheesecloth
  • 20 ct. light set (white cord preferred)
  • Black Felt or cloth (or Black Vinyl for Silhouette/Cricut if you have one)
  • ModgePodge or 50/50 mixture of glue/water
  • scissors
  • tacky glue
  • popsicle molds or small dixie cups

I started out by unfolding my cheesecloth.  It came in a big folded ribbon.  I ended up using 2 layers of it in roughly a 7″ x 7″ square.

Next I draped the cheesecloth over my popsicle mold and then used my glue mixture (50% Elmer’s glue mixed with 50% water) and a paintbrush and painted the top half of the cheesecloth over the mold.  {I tried using spray adhesive, however it didn’t quite stiffen the cheese cloth enough.  The spray adhesive only stiffened my arm hair!    The glue mixture worked great!)

While the glue was drying I cut faces and mouths out of black felt.

Once the ghosts were dry, I carefully pulled the cheesecloth off the molds and using tacky glue, glued on the felt pieces for the face.

Insert a light through the top of the cheesecloth.  Some of mine just poked right through and others I had to help by cutting a small slit in the top.   (I purchased my string of lights at Hobby Lobby in the craft section where they have those glass block craft ideas.  My string had the lights really close to one another so I opted to insert a ghost every other light.  I believe if you use actual Christmas lights (white cord of course) they will be farther apart and you can do a ghost on every light.)

The pictures don’t even do them justice when they are hung and lit!

I couldn’t resist making one of these little guys with a mustache!  Mustaches are so popular right now and I wanted one of my little ghosts to be cool and popular! 😉

I also really like this angry guy!  The options for faces are endless!

Hang and enjoy!    Check back because I have many more fun Halloween ideas to share!!!

Note: These are recommended for indoor use only!

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Halloween Subway Art Printable

Update 2:  I added the 16 x 20 size per sweet Meghan’s request!  Enjoy! 

Update:  I corrected the spelling in “Witches” on the printable.  Please re-download if you did so before 9:00 am!  I was working on this too late at night apparently!  Thanks!!

I am getting ready to start decorating my house for Halloween!  It is one of my favorite holidays and I figure since we are halfway through September already, why not start bringing out the fall decorations?!

I needed something to fill a frame and so I just made a Halloween themed subway tile art print that I can pop into a frame!  I thought I’d share with you all!  I have two sizes below 8 x 10 and 5 x 7.  If for some reason you would need larger, let me know and I can add that one also!  Just click on the image size below and you can download for free!

Halloween Subway Tile Free Printable

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Happy Downloading!

Click below on size to download

8 x 10 Size      5 x 7 Size       16 x 20 Size

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Memorial Weekend 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  I know we certainly did!  My parents and sister came down from St. Louis this weekend.   It was the first time down for my mom and sister so their first trip might be etched in their brains forever as I took them on a ride through the tornado-wrecked part of town.  My boys LOVE when family visits and I LOVE seeing Ryan practically jump out of my arms into my dad’s!  I want the boys to remember holidays and summer by memories filled with family time!   We barbecued, drank, played outside, got some sun, the boys swung about 3.9 million times and we just enjoyed being together which was awesome. 

We were able to do that thanks to all of our veterans and active military for dedicating your lives to keeping our country free.  For that I thank each and every one of you! 

The town of Joplin also had a Memorial service for all those who were lost in last week’s devastating tornado.  President Obama even came into town.  My heart goes out to all the family and friends of the people who were lost and also to the people whose material lives were lost in the tornado. Homes, photographs, baby’s first locks of cut hair, baby blankets, family heirlooms, everything lost.  I know things can be replaced, but my heart aches for their loss also.  The outpouring of support for Joplin and the amount of volunteers makes my heart a bit more happy.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped this town recover. 

Today also starts my Memorial Week to my 20’s.  On Friday I turn the big 3-0!  So this week I will live up my last week of a being a twenty-something!  I am not at all freaked about turning 30.  Not one bit actually.  The first half of my 20’s were rather rough for me.  I was in an almost all male college, studying a degree I was earning to make others happy and spending WAY too much time making a certain someone my priority when he clearly made me an option.  A ton of heartache that could have been avoided if i just listened to MANY good friends.  Lesson Learned.   The second half of my 20’s were SO. MUCH. BETTER.    I met Freddy, we got married, he gave me two beautiful boys and taught me to trust again.  I feel wiser, stronger and have much more of a take no shit attitude.  I take some time for myself now and then and have learned to love unconditionally.  I feel like a totally different person than that 20-year-old girl I used to be.  That makes me happy.  I have grown and I feel that I have done so in the right direction!  I like the person I am now so much better than the person I was at 20!  I am excited for my 30’s!  I have learned from my 20’s and am ready to make this new decade awesome! 

So here is to thanking and remembering those who have served our country and thanking and remembering those lost in the tornado and those who are helping to recover, and thanking and remembering those who helped me be a better person these last ten years!

A great Memorial Weekend…

Leaving Footprints

This year for Mother’s Day, I decided that my Mother-In-Love didn’t need another potted flower or hanging plant from us.  She is 81 years old and has pretty much everything she needs already…so we made her a gift! I just adore this concept. We made her place mats with the boys footprints and fingerprints as butterflies and bugs!  (We made my mom a tote bag for her birthday. Didn’t want it to sound like we left her out for Mother’s Day)

Items Needed:

  • Patience!  You are working with kids.
  • Your choice of fabric piece: apron, tote bag, place mats, tablecloths, etc.
  • permanent fabric paints your choice of colors
  • Puff paint (is that what they still call it?) to match body color for antennae
  • Fabric Marker
  • Paintbrush (stiff bristles work best)
  • Some paper grocery bags as backdrop
  • Pretty paper/Pen or computer for Poem.

I cannot stress the last item enough.  No matter how careful you think you will be, children are FASTER than you and UNPREDICTABLE.  They WILL get paint on you or on their own clothing!  Especially if you don’t wear old clothes!  Murphy’s law you know!  I ruined a great pair of maternity capris making my mom’s tote bag 😦

For the Butterflies just make sure you place the footprints with their big toes outward!  Using the paintbrush paint in the body of the bug and use the puff paint for the antennae.  Then use thumb prints for the lady bugs and bees.  You can also do finger print flowers, caterpillars, small butterflies or anything your imagination comes up with!  The puff paint or fabric pen can be used for the little bugs legs and antennae.

A few notes:

  • Use the paper bags behind your piece.  The paint leaks through.
  • Write the kids names and ages on the back or inside of your piece with the fabric markers so you can always remember how old they were.
  • It’s important to use permanent fabric paint, especially for aprons and things you need to wash…hence the fabric marker vs. permanent marker.  Eventually the permanent one will wash out and it bleeds on the fabric.  The Fabric marker will not bleed. 

As if the piece you made isn’t cute enough…add this poem and you will witness and actual heart melting!

This (bag, apron, etc) is very special you see, because it was made from a piece of me!  My thumb print made each bug part, To show you I love you with all of my heart.   My footprint made each butterfly wing, Because to me you mean everything.                                                    

It was a small challenge for Ryan’s print.  I had him in his high chair and used large binder clips to hold the place mat onto a cutting board (stiff surface) in order to get his print because he could not stand on the place mat on the floor like Michael.   That is also why there is a bit of dead space.  I had to work fast!  All in all I think they turned out great and I think my MIL will absolutely love them on her breakfast bar!


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