My Site Has Moved!

I made the jump!!  I got myself a domain name and now I am running on a self hosted wordpress site.  I manned the switch from the free version of wordpress ( to the self hosted version ( myself so please be patient as I figure out all the quirks!

While I fully figure out a few more things can you all do be a big favor and update your google reader subscription and/or feedburner subscription to my new site??? Almost all who subscribed via email should have gotten a “Activate Your Subscription” email already from FeedBurner. If not, you just need to re-enter your email in the “Email Subscription” box in my sidebar and you should be good to go! You can add my new site to your favorite reader using that cute Orange RSS beaker in my sidebar.  I’d appreciate the help!  I want to make sure you are all getting my updates and posts!!

My new site is:  You should be there now if you look in your address bar!  Links to my old site will redirect here for a year but please update your subscriptions now because after this post everything will come from my new domain!

Even though I have changed sites, not much will change for you once you update.  What this means for me is more flexibility, features, and options for my blog!  I am excited.

I appreciate you all stopping over to read my ramblings each day.  I love your comments and emails and the new friends I have made on Facebook and Twitter!  You all make my day!  I thank you very much for taking some time of your day to read my posts!

And That’s What Che Said…

Thanks for reading what {Che} said! Now tell me what {You} would like to say! I appreciate your comments and read each and every one of them! These *might* be the highlight in my day!

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