That’s What Che Loves August 2011

Can you believe August is already over?  Heck with the Labor Day holiday in there we are already into September, sorry I am late!  Where did summer go?  Although I have to say, with what felt like 100 days of above normal temperatures down here (sweltering heat) I am a smidgen looking forward to fall!  Before we get to falling leaves and bonfires, let’s talk about some things I loved in August!  Who knows, maybe you might love them too!

Erin Lynn Designs
My girlfriend Steph was the lucky duck that won some awesome onesies from Erin when Erin’s  facebook page reached 100 fans.  You can see what Steph had made here.  I contacted Erin to make a few for me for baby gifts.  Erin was awesome to work with and even though I specified my favorite phrases to be stencilled, it was Erin’s font and color choices that made them fantastic!  The three onesies came packaged up all cute so you could ship directly to your recipient if you needed to.  Erin’s holding another contest when she reaches 200 fans.  Head on over and show her some love and check out her wonderful creations.


It should go without saying that I love these.  I love everything about these from their slice of lime to the salt encrusted rim!  These were exceptionally refreshing in this HOT month!

Jello Shots

I have always loved these!  But honestly had not had one in so long…like maybe my 22nd birthday?!?  So having them again on our Mommapalooza float trip just reminded me how these  little plastic condiment containers filled with alcohol infused jello goodness are like when you are in 4th grade and found out your mom packed a pudding cup in your lunch bag.  But better…MUCH better!  Who knew sucking something out of a plastic dish could give so much joy?

And That’s What Che Said…


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