Mommapalooza 2011

Yep, that is the name I graced our Mommy’s Only Float Trip that we had this past weekend. Merrsidotes and I kept complaining to one another that we needed something more than a night out.  Something that was just for mommies where we could talk honestly and without criticism (husbands) and after all the belly aching about it, she sent out a group email to some mommies and we settled on a date. Seems so simple, wondering why it took us so long to actually just PICK A DATE!

5 Mommies were in attendance. We had a beautiful day filled with floating, chatting, gossiping, bitching and supporting. Oh and did I mention booze?  Yeah we had a bit of that also! The first Mommapalooza was deemed a success and we all are thinking of more mommies to invite to make it even better next year!!!

5 Mommies, 0 Husbands or Children, 1 river, 1 raft and plenty of booze!

I urge all mommies to call your other mommy friends and PICK A DATE! Best thing I have done for myself in so very long!


3 thoughts on “Mommapalooza 2011

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