Made in America Challenge!

I recently stumbled across a chain forward email speaking about a piece Diane Sawyer did on the amount of household items we have that are made in other countries and showcases the fractional increase in cost if we would have in fact purchased all the same items that were made in the USA. It also talks about how that extra money you spent for made in America products actually HELPS America.

Anyway, I couldn’t find the said forward again in my email but figured I could find something about it online and sure enough I just had to search “Diane Sawyer Made in America” and up popped this search result.  Bingo!  The email had a few more hard statistics but I am sure if I searched a bit longer I could find those exact numbers but really, this article is all I needed.

I realized I am totally late to the game for the “Made in America Monthly Challenge” going on August 5th through September 5th (probably because I was busy making watermelon crap for the past 2 weeks!)  So…I am going to start today!!! (for the record, I have been out of town for 7 days and my husband only bought zero groceries, so when I returned there was nothing to eat in this house! Grrrrrrr….)  Starting on my grocery trip this morning I am going to make a point to buy American made products from August 16th through September 16th and make a few notes on my challenge and share them in a month!  I am willing to give it a try.  I am always up for a challenge!

I invite you to join my monthly challenge!!! Add a comment below telling me you are joining the “Che Says Made in America Monthly Challenge” and either subscribe to my blog or send me an email with your email address so in a month I will have a recap post and we can all share our findings. Was it difficult to find American Made products where you shop? How much did the “American Made Effort” effect your budget?  Will you continue on with this endeavor?   Those are the kinds of things I am going to report back to you all on.  I am curious as to how much I am already buying that is Made in USA or how much I am not?

I figure it’s kind of a little experiment but one that will help our fine country, two birds, one stone.  I love multi-tasking!  I hope you will join me and let me know how it goes for you!


Thanks for reading what {Che} said! Now tell me what {You} would like to say! I appreciate your comments and read each and every one of them! These *might* be the highlight in my day!

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