Month by Month

For a bit of added decoration for the party and to show how the wee one’s head has stayed quite large since birth…I decided to do a Month by Month of his cuteness! 

I am a die-hard Shutterfly fan! I have been using them since Michael was born in 2006 and have never looked back.  18 photo books, 12 calendars, 2 sheets of stickers, 26 cards, 1 share site and a bazillion prints later I still turn back to them for help with my decoration! 

Using the “Edit” tab in my Shutterfly photo Album, I added a simple white border to each of Ryan’s month photos I took and added text to show which month it was.  I then had these printed and shipped right to my door!

I secured each photo onto some gingham craft paper to look like picnic blankets and also used some left over tree pattern paper from the Birthday Banner.  I then strung up some craft twine and used the same itsy bitsy clothes pins from the banner to hang the photos!   Any decoration with a baby’s face plastered all over it is a sure hit!  And it was nice for all my family to see how he changed since we live away and many of them rarely get to see the chunky monkey.

If you care to see all of Ryan’s Month to Month photos up close and personal click here

And also while I whipped up my month pictures, I also whipped up some Father’s Day cards for Freddy, his dad and my dad!   How cute is this? (check out below)  This one is Freddy’s!  For the same price as a Hallmark card you get a personalized card with your own words and your OWN cute little faces plastered all over it!  What a deal.  Comes with an envelope!  Flutter right on over to Shutterfly and sign up for their emails and they will send you  great deals!   They also have the fabulous option that you can choose during check out to have Shutterfly address and mail your cards straight to your recipient!  Even better if you are pressed for time or just despise addressing cards and finding stamps and running to the post office! 

5×7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.


Thanks for reading what {Che} said! Now tell me what {You} would like to say! I appreciate your comments and read each and every one of them! These *might* be the highlight in my day!

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