Personalized “One” Onesie

I wanted Ryan to sport some sort of cute onesie at his First Birthday Party! I shopped around but really didn’t find anything in the stores that I loved. Target had a cute one in the “I’m One” end cap, but having seen this said onesie on about 16 of my friends one-year-olds this year I decided that I should just make him one! While searching etsy I found several cute onesies that gave baby a tie, that I loved! However, the cheap skate I am, I didn’t want to pay $25 bucks for a onesie that Ryan would only wear a few times and they also didn’t say anything about being ONE!  So I decided to combine the two ideas.  I had leftover material from Michael’s superhero cape so decided to put those scraps to good use! 

Items Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Pencil/Marker
  • Wonder Under (any fabric/craft store in the fabric department)
  • Onesie
  • 2 separate colors or patterns of fabric
  • Iron
  • damp cloth

First I traced out a tie pattern and a number “1” pattern on some scrap paper.   To get the tie symmetrical I just folded the sheet of paper and drew one side and then cut and trimmed until it looked the way I wanted it to.  Then I traced out a number one. 

Following the instructions on the Wonder Under I adhered the rough side of the Wonder Under to the WRONG side of both of my fabrics using a hot DRY iron, pressing for about 5-10 seconds.  I cut out a size of wonder under that would cover my pattern

 Next I traced the patterns (backwards) on the paper side of the Wonder Under fused fabric and cut out. 

Next I peeled the paper backing (carefully) from the number 1 and placed it where I wanted it on the tie.  I then covered the cutouts with a damp cloth, and turned my iron to the wool setting and pressed for 10-15 seconds until the 1 was fused to the tie. 

 I then repeated.  Removing the paper backing from the tie cut out and pressing it onto the onesie. 

 Since I don’t anticipate much use out of this onesie since Ryan grows faster than a chia pet, I left it as is.  If you were doing this same idea on a bag or apron you can use puff paint to outline the fabric or stitch a zig-zag stitch to help hold the edges of the fabric in place.  The design with Wonder Under can be washed, dried, dry cleaned and ironed.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!   I will love a certain ONE year old wearing it even more!


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