Birthday Bonanza!

1 week ago today I turned 30! It’s fabulous. I had a fabulous day, and a fabulous weekend and my first week has been fabulous! Freddy gave me an awesome, much-needed day at the spa. My parents are encouraging my million photos I take of their grandbabies by sending me Photoshop Premiere Elements 9.0. Rock on! My sister is spicing up my style with one of my favorite etsy finds, thank you Alise! I was sung “Happy Birthday” so many times by Michael but could honestly listen to it so many times more! It was a great weekend! I’m looking forward to this decade! But now that my 30 hoopla is over…MY BABY TURNS ONE ON SUNDAY!!!

I can hardly believe it myself but Ryan turns ONE on Sunday! I have been diligently working on his birthday party for months now! My BFF, Merrsidotes said it best, “The first birthday is a party for YOU!”  They are really too young to be into anything and know what’s going on so this is a party to celebrate that Freddy & I have, yet again, kept another baby alive for a WHOLE YEAR! Go us!

Ryan’s party will be a Teddy Bear Picnic and we are having it at my parents’ house in St. Louis on his actual birthday. It worked out nicely as most my family is there and Goober’s first birthday party is on Saturday!  Everyone was asked to bring their favorite teddy bear along and we are going with the picnic theme.  I have so much to share on things I did to try to make it special!   I can’t wait for his day, but at the same time am a bit “holy shit” as I can’t believe he is turning one year already.  Man that went fast!  I loved every sleep deprived minute of it!


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