White Peach Sangria


I am a little baffled, but more amazed that this is my FIRST alcohol post. Really…I am in awe?!? Anyway, I would like to share my recipe for my awesome White Peach Sangria.  I am making this today for two reasons.  1.  My lifelong BFF, Merrsidotes‘ baby boy, Goober, is turning ONE tomorrow!  2.  My baby-I-just-had-yesterday is turning ONE on SUNDAY!!!  She & I were so lucky to share our pregnancies together, and now our babies growing together, but I am still a little sniffley thinking they will be ONE already!  So I needed a little “Momma Juice” as Michael calls it! 

 I am horrible at measuring anything going into a drink. I am a “add it, taste it, and see” kind of gal. I did my best this time to give rough measurements. Rest assured, that if you don’t measure (like I never have) your drink will turn out just fine (like mine always do).  I also measure in cups and not ounces…for the fact that, well, it’s just more convenient and I never make a single glass of this stuff.  It is always made by the pitcher!

    • 2 peaches.  You can use frozen ones if your fresh peach selection looks like the peaches do here in Joplin = crap = 😦
    • 1 cup vodka
    • 1/2 cup peach schnapps
    • 1 bottle white wine (I use Sauvignon Blanc)
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • White Soda *

Slice peaches and put in bottom of your serving pitcher.  Add vodka and peach schnapps and let the peaches soak up all the wonderful liquor fantastic-ness for about an hour in the fridge.  (If using frozen peaches you do not need to thaw)  Next add the bottle of wine and sugar.  Mix until sugar dissolves.   Fill remainder of the pitcher with your favorite white soda once you are ready to serve to preserve a bit of the fizz.  I am partial to Sprite for some reason.  The extra citrus flavor really goes well here.


*It’s best to use chilled wine and soda so that you may partake in your beverage at that EXACT MOMENT!  I am really strange and DO NOT like ice in my drinks –it just waters it down!   Also to spice up the drink a bit you can also add quartered grapes or a few blueberries! 

Pour in wine glasses and float a few of the liquor soaked peach slices!  Once your drink is gone you get a little treat eating the vodka-peach slice!


Disclaimer:  This is a “Cheryl” drink and therefore is strong!  Please be responsible every time you consume adult beverages.  I am not responsible for tickets, break-ups, unplanned babies, any strange tattoos or anything else bad that is not listed in this disclaimer!   😉

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