Memorial Weekend 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend.  I know we certainly did!  My parents and sister came down from St. Louis this weekend.   It was the first time down for my mom and sister so their first trip might be etched in their brains forever as I took them on a ride through the tornado-wrecked part of town.  My boys LOVE when family visits and I LOVE seeing Ryan practically jump out of my arms into my dad’s!  I want the boys to remember holidays and summer by memories filled with family time!   We barbecued, drank, played outside, got some sun, the boys swung about 3.9 million times and we just enjoyed being together which was awesome. 

We were able to do that thanks to all of our veterans and active military for dedicating your lives to keeping our country free.  For that I thank each and every one of you! 

The town of Joplin also had a Memorial service for all those who were lost in last week’s devastating tornado.  President Obama even came into town.  My heart goes out to all the family and friends of the people who were lost and also to the people whose material lives were lost in the tornado. Homes, photographs, baby’s first locks of cut hair, baby blankets, family heirlooms, everything lost.  I know things can be replaced, but my heart aches for their loss also.  The outpouring of support for Joplin and the amount of volunteers makes my heart a bit more happy.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped this town recover. 

Today also starts my Memorial Week to my 20’s.  On Friday I turn the big 3-0!  So this week I will live up my last week of a being a twenty-something!  I am not at all freaked about turning 30.  Not one bit actually.  The first half of my 20’s were rather rough for me.  I was in an almost all male college, studying a degree I was earning to make others happy and spending WAY too much time making a certain someone my priority when he clearly made me an option.  A ton of heartache that could have been avoided if i just listened to MANY good friends.  Lesson Learned.   The second half of my 20’s were SO. MUCH. BETTER.    I met Freddy, we got married, he gave me two beautiful boys and taught me to trust again.  I feel wiser, stronger and have much more of a take no shit attitude.  I take some time for myself now and then and have learned to love unconditionally.  I feel like a totally different person than that 20-year-old girl I used to be.  That makes me happy.  I have grown and I feel that I have done so in the right direction!  I like the person I am now so much better than the person I was at 20!  I am excited for my 30’s!  I have learned from my 20’s and am ready to make this new decade awesome! 

So here is to thanking and remembering those who have served our country and thanking and remembering those lost in the tornado and those who are helping to recover, and thanking and remembering those who helped me be a better person these last ten years!

A great Memorial Weekend…


2 thoughts on “Memorial Weekend 2011

  1. A great post, too. If only we could learn from each other’s mistakes and avoid them in the first place! But you have grown, and you have grown into a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (not just a girl!) And take it from me – so far the 30’s a pretty damn good decade 🙂

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