Walmart Woes

I hate Wal-mart!  What I hate even more is the fact that I have to go there every week!  Target doesn’t carry our brand of dog food and let’s just face it…shampoo, razors, napkins, TP and paper towels are just cheaper there!  I still hate it in all it’s ghetto-hillbilly-trashiness glory! 

I was actually beginning to accept Wal-Mart as an appropriate place to shop while we still lived in Apple Valley.  It was freshly remodeled to include a super center grocery store.  The aisles and displays were tasteful and clean.   The town of Apple Valley was a bit more upscale so it seem to not attract so many camel toe and toothless patrons . 

I can’t say the same for the Joplin Wal-Mart.  Not in the slightest.  The only thing that gets me through my trips here, is that in Missouri, Wal-Mart can sell liquor!  I go down that aisle every visit just to make the trip worthwhile!  Even the parking lot gives you a glimpse of what’s to find inside the store itself.    

It's like a stinking Easter Basket!

I will spare your ever so fragile eyes to the horror that was inside this Wal-Mart.  Oh and I have to shush Jayden at least once a trip because he points to a large person and tells me LOUDLY, “Look Mom, she is having a Brady like you did!”  No baby, that is just a fat person loading up on cheese puffs and ramen noodles.  Not to be confused with a pregnant lady…well wait, or is she???

Would it be selfish to tear apart my dogs digestive track and put them on new food in order NOT to have to go to Wal-Mart?  Yes, that is selfish…dammit!


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