Frame Frenzie

I was finally able to find all the boxes with our family photos in them.  I am only missing one, that I can remember, of our whole wedding party.  The search team is still out on that one, but in the meantime I realized I did not have enough shelf space to fit all the pictures I wanted to put up!   Bummer!  Enter Young House Love’s awesome inspiration for a frame wall.  (Hop on over there and see their masterpiece!)   They truly have a beautiful frame WALL…I have a frame section-of-the-wall.  First reason is that I didn’t have as many photos and cool mementos as they had and secondly, they have sweet Clara…I have Tornado #1 and Tornado #2!  Boys…frames any lower than the ones I put up wouldn’t have stood a chance! 

I followed their advice with the cut outs of newspaper and it worked wonderfully!  The worst part of this whole decorating plan was that about half of those frames I picked only had foot stands, no wall mount option so I had to add the bracket.  Otherwise, a painless way to get all my favorite people in a place I can see their cute faces!  (I am waiting on a few pictures to be printed and then it will be 100% finished)


1 thought on “Frame Frenzie

  1. in regards to the no wall mounts, check out the Velcro Picture Frame Mounts from 3M. They work just like command hook adhesive and they’re awesome!

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