A Tutu or two…or six!

Having doted on those adorable tutus listed on Etsy for weeks, I jumped at the chance to make one, or two for my baby cousin for her 3rd birthday.  My aunt who runs a daycare loved them and asked me to make her 6 for her little girls she cares for.  Below are my step by step instructions for making a darling tutu! (Obviously I do not get to make any for my household)

Items Needed for One Tutu:

  • Non-Roll Elastic
  • 6 yards of tulle
  • Needle and Thread or a heavy duty stapler/staples
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

To get started, measure the length of elastic you need according to your child’s clothes size.  I took a pair of my son’s 5T pants and just copied the circumference of the waistband.  Overlap the length by one inch. You can either hand sew the elastic, use a sewing machine or use a heavy duty stapler to staple the elastic.  The tulle will cover the staples.  (When stapling make sure to staple parallel to the elasic loop not perpendicular)  I chose to hand sew the elastic together   Note:  When making sizes smaller than 5T I would recommend using 1/2″ to 3/4″ width non-roll elastic.  Sizes 5T and larger use 1″ width.  

Cut the tulle into 6″ strips and then in half as a bolt of tulle yields about 59-60″ in width.  So you will now have a 6″ by 29.5″ strip of tulle.   You do not need to be precise in your measuring.  I measured the first strip and then used that as a template to cut the remaining.  Since you do not have to be precise I also recommend folding the tulle several times and cutting multiple layers at time to help your sanity! 

Note:  If you are making a newborn-12 months size, you can choose to cut the tulle strips in half again to shorten the length of the tutu.  These smaller sizes also require less tulle.  If making girl sizes (not toddler), you can choose to not cut the strips in half at all for a longer length tutu.

Place the center of the tulle strip inside of the elastic loop.  Tie twice. 

Repeat with all the strips of tulle.  If using multiple colors of tulle, I recommend doing the same color twice in a row so the pattern shows up more.  Example a pink yellow and blue tutu, your pattern would be, pink, pink, yellow, yellow, blue, blue.  Since the strips are tied versus sewn on, you can play around with your patterns and see what you like. 

After all the strips are tied, fluff and enjoy!

Now I have 5 more to make!

But it’s perfectly fine because Little Goose has decided to assist!  As any mother knows, things always go faster when kids assist!  *sigh*  Good thing he’s cute!


8 thoughts on “A Tutu or two…or six!

  1. OH MY GOD I love him in a tutu!!!
    By the way, how much would you charge to make a few of these for E and her friends at the sitter??? And K, if Carrie has not already requested one!

    • Well he is not actually IN a Tutu…just playing in the piles of tulle on the floor while I was assembling that first one! Freddy would not like it so much to have him in a tutu!

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  3. I love that Little Goose was playing in the tulle. So cute! I’d also like to thank you for linking up with Toddler Tuesday’s at Willow Bean Studio

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